Saturday, September 7, 2013

Red Velvet II

So, as those few people who have visited this little blog of mine so far might have noticed I am new to this whole blogging world.
While playing around a little after my last post, I realized that all people who've seen my posts so far are from the US. That is why I decided to write in english from now on.

In my first post I wrote about how I'm trying to get used to living in the US by trying out new foods. I especially am fascinated by red velvet cakes (there's no red velvet in Germany;-)). Since there seem to be so many different styles/recipes and opinions to be found and heard, I started my own trial and selection process.

I am also fascinated by the multitude of cooking shows, after our arrival here I almost watched only the food network. Browsing around on food network homepage I had the idea to have my own 'throw down' and start my RV experiment series with the two recipes featured in the RV-episode from the show.
Last time I made the Bobby Flay version, which my husband and I really liked. I especially liked the frosting, I'm still not sure what it is called, white frosting, cooked frosting? Anyway, it was light and creamy... and this is not what this post is supposed to be about.

Finally yesterday I made the version by Cakeman Raven of the Cakeman Raven Confectionery, NYC. This time I didn't make any of the suggested alterations to the recipe, I thought I'll try to keep it as original as possible. To be honest, I was not completely convinced by this version. The color was not as rich as I would have wished for, also it has very little coco, so the taste doesn't come  really through. I know, I know! RV is not a chocolate cake, but still it should have this distinctive coco note.

For the cream cheese frosting, it was okay. Actually I really liked tasting it while I made it, but somehow with the cake I found it overpowering and to heavy.

 I realize my pictures are not exactly artistic and my cake decorating skills are nowhere comparable to what you can find out there in the blogosphere, but everything you see on this page is of my creation, unless marked otherwise.

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