Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Bella Swan!

When reading (or listening to a audio book) I retreat into a different kind of reality, especially when reading a fantasy book (-series). I usually prefer the book, and audio books, over the movies. Movies just can't keep up to how the scenery and characters look like in my fantasy. And usually in the movies the stories are altered and abbreviated, I'm to geeky to be comfortable with that.
My husband refuses to watch movie adaptions of books I've read with me, because I can't stop my self from announcing every time a detail is just ALL WRONG!

I am a big fan of the twilight saga, the books, not the movies! I don't like how Bella is depicted as such a phlegmatic character almost without any emotions showing in her facial expressions. In the book she is described as a usually lively person who has a lot of emotions and does show them. 

Today is Bellas birthday! And those of you who know the story will know, the last time it was her birthday things went awry. So I thought I'll give it a try and give her another shot at having a bithdaycake.... After all she never got around to try the other one. And I felt bad for Alice, she tried so hard. As it was Alice who got the cake for Bella, it had to be pink and with a lot of roses! After all Alice is a real girly girl and never lets go an opportunity go by to try to turn Bella int one as well.

I asked myself what flavors would be appealing to Bella, since the stories are mostly about vampires there are not many food references, I decided raspberry and chocolate is a taste combination most people like.

The chocolate part is a devils food cake, just use your favorite recipe. For the pink layers I used a simple yellow cake recipe, but substituted part of the milk for raspberry puree. Between the layers is a chocolate ganache and the frosting is a Swiss Meringue Buttercream, again with raspberry puree.

So, I really hope I met Bellas taste and she enjoyed it!

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